Friday, January 24, 2014

Learning new vocabulary DIY - nazwy owoców i warzyw

Many of my educational materials focus on teaching Polish as a second language. I am a big advocate for learning through play. Here's how we approached learning names of some fruits and vegetables:
1. We collected a bunch of flyers - some came in the mail, some were picked up at a store (homework idea!). We looked at the pictures, named fruits and veggies, discussed their colors, shapes, chose our favorites.
2. As my toddler doesn't use scissors yet, I cut the pictures out. It's a good exercise of your students' fine motor skills. Please, don't correct their work ;)
3. We glued all the pieces onto paper (even more cutting!).
4. I put labels with Polish names (singular and plural) on the back. This way my husband (who is also learning Polish with us) can double check on those names and forms when "playing" with Zo. 
5. Because I want our new creations to last, I used  my laminator. What came out was a beautiful place mat you could use at the table every single day.
 6. I decided to cut them out again, because what I needed were individual pieces. How to use them is up to your imagination! Pretended play - going shopping, serving food, having a party.
7. Find a nice box to keep your teaching materials in, and label it. Does it belong to the kitchen set? Find the right place where to put it (yay for the Montessori system where every item has its own place in the classroom). You may want to use one box for fruits and one for vegetables - depending on your educational goals. 
Don't stop building new vocabulary and come back to this project in future- surprise your child - let him find something new in his set one day!

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