Thursday, January 23, 2014

Jaki to Kolor ?

Here's an example of a do-it-yourself set of colors that you can make with your students to use for teaching Polish as a second language. Note: I included the names of the colors on the back of laminated pieces and made a little box to store everything in. Whenever my daughter sees this box being opened, she switches to Polish :)

A few ideas on how to use the "Kolory" set in practice:
(use as much Polish as possible)
  • play a ball game called Kolory (nobody catches the ball when you say zielony)
  • ask a student to search in a box to find  kolor zielony, for example
  • ask to look around and touch something green
  • ask a student to turn kolor zielony over to discuss the way it's written and read (depends on age)
  • show students kolor zielony but only for 1 second and let them guess what color they've just seen
  • present a small piece of the green card, hiding it behind the box and let students notice which color it is
  • invite students to memorize colors that are on the table (choose an appropriete number) and when they close their eyes you take away 1 or more colors so they can guess which one(s) are missing
  • discuss favorite colors
  • encourage students to use their sets of colors to build interesting shapes and let them discuss their designs among themselves
  • make up a guessing game students can play in pairs 
  • make 1 pile of colors and ask students to predict which color is under the one we can see.
  • let students use their sets of colors for self practice by making them available for self selection time.
  • when putting the cards back to the box, count them in Polish
These were some general ideas - will they work for your students? 
Please come back to share your experience and more ideas!

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