Sunday, November 23, 2014

Polish Language Initiative - starting up!

Teaching or learning Polish ?
Join our group for support and motivation!

1. Set your goal (share if you'd like).

2. Work on it (around 1 week) - choose time, place, frequency, subject that are suitable for you (your child/student).

3. Come back any time to share your thoughts :)

The deadline of our first "session" is November 30th.

*Please spread the word and invite your friends*

This is happening over Facebook: 

Polish Language Initiative


Last class memories...

Faworki/Chrust/Chruściki/Angel wings

Made by Jim N.! 

Congratulations to my students who completed the Polish course for Beginners!
I am so proud of you! Keep on learning and stay in touch. 
Good luck/Powodzenia!

Monday, November 3, 2014

"Polska. Where the unbelievable happens"

"Polska. Where the unbelievable happens"

A spot for Ministry of Foreign Affairs Republic of Poland / Director: Paweł Borowski / Cinematography: Tomek Naumiuk / Producer: Sonia Pośpiech
Watch on YouTube by clicking here.